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      99,2% of our clients recommend MediCapilar

      The confidence of getting your hair back doesn't have to be a mirage

      If some people live well with a lack of hair, others do not. Hair loss is a problem that affects about 75% of the male population and often has a direct impact on self-esteem.


      Lack of confidence, not liking your own reflection in the mirror and the need for social isolation are some symptoms often caused by hair loss. Hair transplant for men is often the only solution to prevent hair loss ou a baldness.


      Hair Transplant changes our patients’ lives for the better. When they feel their hair again, they become more confident and professionally and socially more secure.


      Start your change today! Get your self-esteem back! Book your free Hair Evaluation now! 

      FUE Man Hair Transplant Technique

      Método iFUE unlimited

      O Método iFUE Unlimited Method allows us to be bigger and better using an innovative and technological process. The results are proven and the natural appearance of our patients’ hair is notorious. This method allows us to remove a maximum number of follicles, depending only on the follicular quality and quantity of the patient.

      Número ilimitado de folículos

      Unlimited number of follicles

      The iFUE Unlimited Method assumes an unlimited extraction of the number of follicles, depending only on the quantity and quality of the donor area.

      Procedimento num único dia

      One day procedure

      The Hair Transplant is performed within a period of 6 to 8 hours. Let yourself be carried away by the peaceful environment of the clinics with magnificent views, while watching your favorite television shows.

      Zonas Transplante capilar

      10+ years of experience

      Team of highly qualified professionals, focused and aligned with your goals. We are with you from the very beginning to support and guide you on your journey.

      Zonas Transplante capilar

      Hair Transplant zones

      The iFUE Unlimited method is the preferred and proven method for hair transplants at the receding hairline, line of the face, and hair transplants for filling the front, top and crown.

      Sem cortes, sem cicatrizes e indolor

      No cuts, no scars and painless

      The iFUE Unlimited Method is painless and tries to be as non-invasive as possible. It works with local anesthesia and has a fast recovery.

      Possibilidade de financiamento

      Hair Transplant Financing

      Choose the most convenient payment method for you. Pay for your hair transplant in low monthly fees.

      How is a Hair Transplant for men performed?

      Transplante Capilar

      Hair Assessment and Preparation

      In this consultation, the trichology specialist will analyze the patient’s scalp and hair using a trichoscope, in order to assess the feasibility of the procedure. On the other hand, this specialist will also study hair implantation lines to understand the best method to be carried out. Preparation for hair transplantation is generally simple and only requires a few blood tests to ensure the safety of the procedure.

      Avaliação Capilar

      Hair Transplant

      On the day of the intervention, the extraction and follicular implantation zones are outlined. Then the doctor administers local anesthesia and the individual follicular extraction begins. After this, the follicles are implanted in the areas where the patient intends to have hair.

      Lavagem da Cabeça

      Head Washing

      5 days after the hair transplant, the patient is reassessed at one of the MediCapilar clinics and the first scalp wash is performed.

      Consultas de Acompanhamento

      Follow-up Appointments

      On the 1st, 6th, 12th and 18th months, medical consultations are held to observe the patient’s evolution. The result of the hair transplant is progressive, and the results are visible from the fourth month onwards.

      Hair Transplant for Man Phases

      No que toca então à intervenção, esta pode ser abordada em 6 passos:

      Identificação das zonas dadoras


      Identification of donor zones (area of healthy follicles) and recipient zones (areas affected by hair loss);

      Extração de unidades foliculares


      Follicular unit extraction;

      Aplicação de anestesia local na área dadora


      Application of local anesthesia in the donor area;

      Colheita e preservação


      5. Harvest and preservation;

      Pequena incisão ao redor dos folículos saudáveis


      Small incision around the healthy follicles;

      Implantação das unidades foliculares saudáveis nas zonas recetoras


      Implantation of the healthy follicular units in the recipient areas.

      The words of those who have already undergone a Hair Transplant at MediCapilar



      The Hair Transplant itself is something I had been thinking about lately. I have had some hair loss since I was very young, the hair a little weaker in the frontal area. This hair loss affects self-confidence in certain situations, so I am muito satisfeito very pleased to be able to have this Hair Transplant.”

      Don't believe it? See the result of the Hair Transplant for Men

      “The result is amazing and changes people’s lives!”

      Gonçalo Uva,
      athlete and successful MediCapilar patient

      “It was something I had thought of doing many times.”

      Vasco Duarte,
      musician and successful MediCapilar patient

      “The issue of my image is crucial. I had to change.”

      Gonçalo Pinto,
      successful MediCapilar patient

      Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Transplant for Man

      Who is eligible for a Hair Transplant for Man?

      Hair transplant treatment is available for men with healthy hair. You must take into account the size of the area to be treated: the size of the bald area or very fine hair will determine the number of follicles that will be needed for a natural coverage.

      For how long is it visible that the patient had a Hair Transplant?

      After implantation of the follicles, the skin may become reddish and small scabs will appear at the points where the hairs were implanted. On the fourth day after treatment, the hair can be washed. During the first month after the transplant, the hair must be washed with an aseptic shampoo, which the MediCapilar clinic provides. During the first washes, the scabs start to disappear and the skin starts to regenerate.

      How long does the Hair Transplant for Man take?

      Just like a hair transplant for women, with the iFUE Unlimited method it is done in one day, an average of 7 hours.

      Does the Hair Transplant for man hurt?

      The hair transplant is painless and the least invasive as possible. It is performed under local anesthesia and the recovery is fast.

      How long does transplanted hair last?

      In any Hair Transplant for Man, MediCapilar guarantees that practically all (95%) of the transplanted hairs will last the rest of the patient’s life.

      When do I see the final result?

      About 90% percent of hairs will fall out in the first 3 to 5 weeks. This is a natural process that happens after the Transplant. After four months, the “new” hair will grow. On average, hair will grow 1 cm per month. After six months, the patient already begins to notice a significant difference: he begins to see hair where he used to see skin. 12 months after the Transplant, the final result is already visible.

      Will it look natural?

      Thanks to many years of experience and hundreds of hair transplants, MediCapilar’s clinical staff guarantees a natural result. And the Hair Transplant for Men is no exception.

      After the Transplant, when can I start exercising again?

      We recommend that you do not practice sports for 2 to 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, you can start training, but carefully. After a month, you can return to your normal activities.

      Is the Hair Transplant for men expensive?

      How much is your self-esteem worth? What price do you place on your well-being? The Hair transplant is not expensive, it’s an investment in yourself. A hair transplant has a permanent effect!

      What distinguishes Clínica MediCapilar from the other clinics?

      MediCapillary’s clinical staff specializes in microsurgery. Our healthcare professionals are only concerned with Hair Transplant. Cada pessoa requer uma abordagem diferente. Além disso, seguimos elevados padrões e garantimos uma alta qualidade de cuidados médicos.

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        99,2% of our clients recommend MediCapilar

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