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“It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about happiness!”

“MediCapilar is much more than just Hair Transplants.”

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We stand out due to our innovative technique, variety of solutions and excellent practices in the area of Hair Health

We transform lives with passion and innovation.

The MediCapilar Clinic, specialist in hair transplants, dedicates itself to transforming its patients’ lives, allowing them to fulfil the dream of having hair back. And that’s where the experience of more than 7 years of our clinical staff makes all the difference.

These are the reasons that lead to our success

The clinic where numbers speak for themselves. We focus on each patient, trying to innovate in every single hair treatments. MediCapilar offers a wide variety of differentiating treatments and techniques to fight baldness and hair loss with a specialized diagnosis.

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How do we help you recover your Hair Health?

Hair Examinations carried out every month

All our hair transplants are carried out by a team of health professionals with specific training for the surgical procedure. We already did thousands of surgeries and therefore guarantee hair with a completely natural look.


With this in mind, our everyday mission at MediCapilar is to change our patients’ lives. Find out why more than 95% of our patients recommend us. Find out how you can start your change!

Stories of those who chose MediCapilar

Find out about our successful cases and listen to the testimonies of those who are proud of their hair again.Nothing makes us prouder than the satisfaction of our patients.

Advantages of choosing MediCapilar

When you choose MediCapilar, you are choosing a universe of skills that stand out in the hair health rehabilitation market.


Team of top health professionals, who do pioneer work in Hair Transplants in Portugal, with over 7 years of experience.

Free Examination

Unique in Portugal, with free hair examinations in the Portuguese mainland, the Portuguese islands, and in Europe.


Hair with a natural look, that grows in a normal way. It can be cut and washed without any limitations.

Personalized medical supervision

Clinical team that follows the patient’s evolution during 18 months after the transplant, without additional cost.


Advanced technique for the individual extraction of the follicles. Painless and minimally invasive procedure. Quick recovery up to 3 days.


We have a double team that allows us to increase the number of transplanted follicles.

Multidisciplinary team

Clinical team made up of doctors, nurses, and biologists.

Easy Payment Terms

Pay for your hair treatment in up to 48 months.

Quality Guarantee

99,2% of our clients recommend MediCapilar.


Schedule now your free hair examination appointment without any commitment.

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