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We build careers. We help personal growth. We work for the greater good.
We are recruiting!

We are curious, innovative, eager to find purpose in our work, and driven by the joy of making a difference in the lives of those who seek us. We rebuild dreams. Even better… we do all of this as a team!

It’s based on this premise that MediCapilar recruits.

Working at MediCapilar allows you to get a thorough knowledge of hair medicine in general, from the clinical to the commercial aspects.

We are Career Advancement

Your career is important to us! We offer a career path with opportunities, we bet on the training and development of our co-workers.

We are Talent

MediCapilar offers all the tools for people to reach their potential. We work talent in favor of knowledge and sharing.

We are a Mission

We focus on those who seek us and on how our solutions can transform their lives. Our team is resilient and determined to accomplish this mission.

We are Success

We work with competitive salaries; we establish personal and team goals. We create all the necessary opportunities for our teams to be successful.

We are Diversity

We know that a diversified team brings different perspectives about our business, thus enabling creativity, problem solving, and a sustainability that would otherwise be impossible.

We are Well-being

We create an environment of trust and high performance. We facilitate the work-life balance and promote self-development and career advancement.

A few words from those who work with us

Enf. Rita Pinto

Working at MediCapilar means making a difference in the lives and self-esteem of our patients. Seeing the before and after, following the patient’s evolution, it’s gratifying!

Nurse Rita Pinto

Clinical Processes

Vanessa Veiga

I identify myself with the values, the willpower, and the dynamism of MediCapilar!

Vanessa Veiga

Business Analyst

João Correia

Working at MediCapilar is rewarding. Providing a motivating and challenging work environment, to bring out the talent of a fantastic team.

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