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The main purpose of the MediCapilar Clinic, as a hair transplant specialist, is to provide the best hair health service. To do so, we combine a wide experience of the health professionals team, with the most innovative hair transplant techniques worldwide.


If there is an area where experience makes all the difference between an excellent result and an average one, it’s hair transplants. This is where MediCapilar’s clinical staff makes all the difference with over 7 years of experience ensuring an impeccable follicular extraction, without waste and with results.


Whatever the hair treatment, you can count on us to rehabilitate your hair health.

Message from the Administration

The MediCapilar Clinic is a passion project, that arose from a strong personal motivation, because we believe that we can change, everyday, the life of our patients.


The Hair Health area is an extremely sensitive area, that has a great impact on people’s lives, both on a physical and on an emotional level. That’s why we will never tire of searching, studying and developing the best technology, and implementing the best techniques and guidelines, that will provide the greatest comfort, safety and the best results to our patients.


For all those reasons, our commitment is for MediCapilar to be the best hair transplant clinic in the world.


We would like to finish by thanking our patients, who recommend us everyday to their family and friends, thus allowing MediCapilar to be a success story.


Thank you very much!


The MediCapilar clinic, specialist in hair transplants, dedicates itself to changing its patients’ lives, allowing them to fulfil the dream of having hair again. Our final goal is to reach the best results, offering a personalized, comfortable, and individualized attention.

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