Perfective Hair Transplant

A poorly executed job doesn’t have to be a fatality.

Poorly executed Hair Transplant: what now?

Doing a Perfective Hair Transplant? Yes, it’s possible.


A hair transplant requires good knowledge, years of experience, and above all, technical conditions. Even though the level of satisfaction is very high, there may be some patients who are unsatisfied with the result of past treatments, and who request a new procedure to improve what has been done and achieve a natural look.


As a result, we are daily sought by patients who did their transplant in another clinic and who aren’t happy with the result. They contact us because they want to know if we can do a perfective hair transplant, mainly for the above-mentioned reasons: results and look of the “new” hair.

Why correct a hair transplant?

The main reason for a perfective hair transplant is generally the fact that the previous transplant had an unwanted result. This normally happens for various reasons:


• The technique that was used doesn’t provide natural results or isn’t right for the patient. At the time the transplant was carried out, the technique might have been the best available option; however, with the current techniques, these results give the impression of not being natural, and can clearly be improved with the knowledge and instruments that are currently available.


• Furthermore, the surgeon’s lack of knowledge regarding the aesthetic and harmonious design of the first lines, and how to obtain a natural look for the transplant, must also be considered.


• There is also a chance the evolution of the alopecia or hair loss hadn’t been properly assessed, and after a few years it might be necessary to do another transplant to improve the hair.


Hair transplant mistakes

Indeed, besides the above-mentioned reasons, there may also be perfectly identifiable mistakes due to a poorly executed procedure. For example:

  • Poorly executed front line.

    The first line is too low or too high, which creates an artificial effect.

  • Visible scarring.

    Regarding the look of the transplanted hair, there is an excess of scar tissue.

  • Low density.

    Sometimes, the procedure itself may not cover all the area that was agreed upon during the preliminary study (the amount of transplanted hair was insufficient).

Is it possible to do a Perfective Hair Transplant?

The answer is yes. A new assessment of the whole clinical case will obviously be necessary. The recipient and donor areas, the current state of the scalp, the hair follicles, it’s important to take everything into account once again for the hair surgical procedure to be a success.


In any case, it’s generally possible to carry out a hair transplant perfective. And how? The corrective solutions can be the following:

Correction of the front line

Follicular units of a strand of hair are used to fix the straight lines, a new design is created in the front line and the follicles are implanted with a technique that provides natural results. The front line is basically redesigned.

Density increase

Carried out in hair surgeries that result in a low density. In this case, a new hair transplant can be necessary. In the case of the density increase, the follicles are placed so as to increase the filling of the low-density area.

Scars correction

Through a hair transplant into the scarred area, we repopulate the area with follicular units so as to mask the flaws caused by the previous scar. This way, we can, somewhat, camouflage de scarred area.

The importance of choosing a good team

Indeed, due to all the above-mentioned reasons MediCapilar tried to add a new element to its hair treatments. Of course, the solution we came up with is the one we previously mentioned, the Perfective Hair Transplant.


To answer to the increasing demand from these patients, we created a senior team that specializes in perfective hair transplants, since it’s harder and more demanding to execute a transplant in patients that already did one.


The purpose of this teams is, therefore, clear and objective: eliminating these unsatisfactory and unattractive situations.


This is the reason why the choice of the clinic is so important, for the donor area is a unique opportunity to revitalize a poorly executed job.


MediCapilar has the best hair transplant surgeons in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Viseu, Aveiro and, across borders, in Paris. With the safety of having in its team hair transplant specialists, it works for an ultimate goal: results and satisfaction of the patient.

An imperfect job has a solution!

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