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The other side of hair health

Yes, hair health is not just about transplants. Hair treatments are also extremely important for the revitalization of the hair. What characterizes these procedures, is that they are personalized, thanks to the evolution of technology that allows us to carry out detailed hair assessments and to find out what your specific needs are.


Besides, these methods offer the advantage of nourishing and strengthening both the hair existing in the areas that are not affected by the alopecia or hair problem, and the new hair that will grow thicker, healthier and with more density.

The MediCapilar Clinic offers revolutionary hair treatments with proven success in the area of hair health.

Just like the face, the hair is also part of our identity. As such, it equally deserves our commitment, and it is of the utmost importance to act in order to prevent possible hair problems. The main purpose of our treatments is to treat hair loss or other hair problems at the root, thus offering definitive and lasting solutions.


Find out how the MediCapilar hair treatments can make your hair healthier and shinier.

What are the main advantages of the hair treatments?

Indeed, depending on each person’s needs, different methods can be chosen to act as effectively as possible. Find out what the main advantages of the hair treatments are below.


The MediCapilar hair treatments are an effective answer to hair problems, since they stimulate the follicle and limit hair loss. The results are guaranteed.


By balancing the hair health, the hair treatments will give you thicker, shinier, and healthier hair, always meeting the needs of the patient.


Specialized hair treatments for dandruff, oily hair, dry hair, but above all, for hair loss. It’s important to detect from the beginning what the origin of the problem is, so as to offer the treatment that is adapted to each person’s needs. In the end, for each problem, there is always the best solution.


Prevention is the best remedy. Make sure your hair is always well treated and, whenever necessary, do a hair treatment adapted to your needs that will help in the prevention of possible future hair problems.

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